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Reflective Equilibrium Marketing helps small and startup businesses develop, launch, and grow using ethical, economical, and principled business and marketing strategies.

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Our latest reflections:

The Tools of the Modern Digital Economy are Changing Fast
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The Digital Aspect of Reflective Entrepreneurship

Fitting Your Business (or Business Idea) into the Modern Digital Economy When people talk about The Modern Digital Economy, most people think of the online giants like Amazon or Grainger. While these kinds of businesses are definitely a big part of the modern digital economy, a distinction we would like to make is that the […]

Socrates instructed us to know thyself.
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The Best Way to Start a Business that Reflects your Beliefs and Passions

One of the best ways to come up with a business idea that really reflects who you are – or to make sure that your current business idea lines up with what you really want to do – is to spend some time writing and reflecting on yourself. This article will guide you through some […]

Planning tools you may use when you are thinking about starting a business.
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The Early Stages of Reflective Entrepreneurship

Image credit Which of these stages describes your current situation? The Planning and Exploratory Phase Are you actively looking for and researching business ideas? Or perhaps you have been studying in school, learning independently, or have gained experience working for someone else – and you now feel ready to leverage your unique skills and talents […]

Seek your inner philosopher, find your reflective balance.
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What is Reflective Equilibrium?

The term “reflective equilibrium” is attributed to the philosopher John Rawls, who initially described and made use of this concept in his political philosophy opus A Theory of Justice (1971). Academic descriptions and discussions of his phrase are abundant in philosophical journals and encyclopedias (see for example, here), but as I have described more fully […]