A Philosopher's Journey

This image shows one of the only times that I had to reflect deeply.
Me on a (rare) vacation, shortly before I left my 9 to 5 job.

Hello, my name is Benett, and I am the founder of this website. I am a husband, a father, a dreamer, and a philosopher.


Before I started this site, I had a good stable career working a 9 to 5. My job even gave me three whole weeks of paid time off per year. Sounds good on the surface, right? Sort of.


(Also, did you catch the sarcasm there?)


Like so many people (or should I say worker bees?), it took me and my wife YEARS of hard work – just to get where we could say that we were comfortable. And when I use the term "comfortable," I DEFINATELY mean that in a very middle-class sense of the word.


Of course, I was thankful for everything I had. I really was.


But is comfortable really a good enough goal for this life? (No.) Did I feel like I was making a difference in this world? (No.) Was I feeling fulfilled in what I was doing while working for someone else? (No.) Was I getting enough quality time in with my family? (No.) Was I making any real headway towards leaving a real or substantial legacy for my children? (No.)


Were these feelings of discontent due to the proverbial mid-life crisis? (...Perhaps...)


Further, is the typical "comfortable" middle-class household just one major illness or natural disaster away from bankruptcy? (Yes.) And did I only feel like I had time for my own dreams and goals during the weekends or while I was on the (all-too-infrequent) vacation? (YES!)


I used to feel that in order to achieve the comfortable life towards which I was working, it had to come at the expense of squashing (or at least putting off) many of my dreams. But now I know that this idea was total BS.


If nothing else, I want you to always remember that you do not need to give up on your dreams. Ever.


So how can we wake ourselves out of the slumber of the comfortable life?


Write your dreams down. Make a vision board. Practice self-actualization. Keep learning. And know this: No one else can make your dreams and goals come true except you.


This website was a result of just ONE of my dreams and goals. Ever since I was a student of philosophy (many moons ago), I had a dream of sharing the concept of Reflective Equilibrium with as many people as I could. As a primer, you can read more about the concept here.


But this website is about so much more than just Reflective Equilibrium. It is about Eco-friendly living. It is about Science and Technology trends. It is about helping people become aware of resources that can change their lives for the better. It is about teaching other people how they can achieve their goals and dreams... and so much more.


Why does this website focus on so many (seemingly unrelated) things? Because in order to work towards Reflective Equilibrium, one has to increase your awareness, think deeply, and invest your time and resources into things that reflect who you (and your values) truly are.


But aside from all that, for me personally, the most important thing that this website represents is that it helped me take some of my FIRST STEPS toward following my dreams. Using this website, I was able to leave my merely "comfortable" life behind, and step into the world of pursuing my passions and dreams.


And guess what... because I took those first steps, (and with a lot of hard work in my spare time) I can now say that my life isn't just comfortable... it is AWESOME.


So in a nutshell: Following your dreams is one of the BEST WAYS to achieve Reflective Equilibrium, and vice versa.


One quick note to the reader:


In order to achieve some of my dreams through this Reflective Equilibrium website, you may discover that this website participates in several affiliate programs. As such, the authors of this site are independent affiliates of the offers we may suggest, and we may earn a commission if you click the links on our website pages and make a purchase. We are not an owner or employee of any of the brands or offers we represent, and we do not speak on their behalf.


But please don't let that scare you. Any offers or programs reviewed or linked to from this site are for products and organizations that are in alignment with the values of this website and its authors and are offered in the spirit and pursuit of Reflective Equilibrium. (You can also read more about this on our Terms page.)


So with all of that said, I'd like to personally thank you for stopping by this website and reading this far. This tells me that you are probably a philosopher, a dreamer, and/or a reflective thinker already. So please stick around for more!


If you want to learn more about how I left my 9-5 and followed my dreams by building this website and becoming a "digital entrepreneur" I welcome you to sign up for my newsletter and/or follow our account on Twitter. This will be one of the first things that I discuss on this site, so look for those articles soon.


Happy Reflecting,

Benett B, Website Founder