Are you a Philosopreneur?

Philosopreneurs: Balancing philosophy and business

The Qualifications

Do you have a background in or an interest in philosophy? Yes? That’s great! But, how well has that served you recently (or ever)? Do you find many job opportunities that list ”knowledgeable and well-versed in the discipline of Philosophy” as a qualification? Of course you don’t. Or… at least you didn’t used to.

But that is all about to change.

We want you (yes, YOU, the closet philosopher) to join our growing community of a new breed of philosophers who are helping to put the discipline of Philosophy back into the forefront of human innovation and creativity.

We call ourselves The Philosopreneurs, and yes we made that word up – but you get our meaning, right? A Philosopreneur is a philosopher who uses his or her critical thinking skills and outside-the-box philosophical methodologies to help change the landscape of businesses and business ownership.

So if you already have a background (or even an interest) in philosophy, WE WANT YOU for our team. We’ll provide entrepreneurial training and coaching for you along the way.


If you are already an entrepreneur (or at least have an interest in entrepreneurship), and you’d like to learn how to have a more philosophical and balanced approach in your business endeavors, WE WANT YOU TOO. We’ll provide philosophical training and coaching for you along the way.

By joining the best of both Philosophy and entrepreneurship into a shared community of “Philosopreneurs,” we are actively making the businesses of tomorrow better for everyone, and better for the world.

Your Next Step

So are YOU a Philosopreneur?

If you believe you are (or if you simply believe you COULD BE), then join our private Facebook group and start learning how you can have a positive impact on the world using your unique qualifications as a Philosopher and a business visionary!


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