You can eat whatever you want and still lose weight!

Are you struggling with your weight and want a way to keep it off?

If you are like me, 2020 wasn't the best year for my weigh-ins. When New Year 2021 came around, I knew I had to make a major change. Thankfully, I found Noom!


In the video on this page, I tell you all about my experience with Noom so far. Please watch the video, and let me know your thoughts!

No regimented exercise requirements, No dietary restrictions

If you need to make a lifestyle change related to the scale as well, I cannot recommend this program enough. I have been using Noom for seven months now, and I have lost 25lbs so far without having to make any major lifestyle adjustments related to exercise or dietary restrictions.


What I have been doing is developing a new set of habits, and arming myself with psychological self-awareness related to eating and food. Watch the video to hear more about what I've learned and how the Noom app works.


Click the button on this page to take you to a page where you can start your Noom journey today!


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