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I met Jeff Lerner just like many of you: I recall seeing his face and his videos splashed across Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram Ads; as well as nearly everywhere else I was poking around online for several weeks. I am pretty sure that I had clicked on one his videos once (several weeks prior), and then soon after that, the advertising algorithms must have kicked into overdrive. I started seeing his advertising more often, and Jeff even started to become a familiar face. (All hail the mighty advertising algorithms!)


Then one fateful Monday morning, as I was getting ready to go to work I was doinking around on my phone (perhaps stalling), and I came across another video with Jeff. But today, the timing was perfect. I had a REALLY bad “case of the Mondays” and I was not looking forward to my commute and to the work week that loomed ahead.


I watched about half of Jeff's video as I was getting dressed, but then I had to pause it to get my lunch ready and to kiss my wife and daughter goodbye for the day. As usual (and almost on cue), my four-year-old daughter started crying when I kissed her goodbye that morning, and she told me that she did not want me to go to work. As I am sure happens to a lot of parents, my daughter gets used to Mom and Dad being around on the weekends, and then she tends to get more upset than normal when Monday mornings roll around because "Mommy and Daddy have to go to work again???"


(I guess she is learning to dread Mondays early – it makes me sad that I am teaching her this particular life lesson at such an early age…)


Nonetheless, after the tear-filled goodbye, I finally made it out the door and started my 25-minute commute to work (which is not bad compared to many people – but it isn’t great either, that’s nearly an hour each day of wasted time). But on this particular day, I was actually glad that I had the quiet commute time to finish listening to the rest of Jeff’s video. As I listened to the second half of the video, something just felt right.


I almost felt a wave of freedom wash over me. I reflected on the words I had just heard from Jeff. I realized that I needed to stop complaining about my life and waiting for change to happen to me. Instead, I needed to act if I wanted things to change.


So while I was stopped in traffic, I completed the sign-up process that Jeff offered after his video right on my phone, and it felt amazing to feel like I was taking action toward a better life. I realize now that I literally changed my life forever during a Monday morning commute. (Is this the first time in history that something GOOD came from having a commute? For me it certainly was!)


That day at work I recall not even minding the workday so much because I had something I was REALLY looking forward to after work – and it was the first time that I had felt excitement like this in a long time. I could not wait to get home and continue making progress with more of Jeff’s videos.


That night, after I had put my daughter to bed for the evening, (and instead of wasting time staring at the TV like I tended to do) I dove into the ENTRE coursework that I had invested in earlier that morning, and I’ve been so motivated by the material that I HAVEN’T STOPPED SINCE.


Fast forward to several weeks later, and I already have a website set up (this one!), a formal business, and more importantly, a business plan - all by just following the action steps provided within the Entre training materials. And I managed to do it all in my spare time, while I was still working at my 9 to 5!


But I also know that I still have a lot to learn – in fact, I haven’t even made it one-third of the way through the materials that Entre provides yet! In addition, Entre also provides me with access to a whole community of people who are aspiring entrepreneurs as well as many other entrepreneurs who are further along and have already started living their dream life. Before I started with Jeff’s training, I didn’t realize that I would need or want access to a network like this, but now I realize that having access to a community of people who are striving for excellence and success is incredibly essential and is part of the value that learning through Entre provides.


So what's my official review of my investment into Entre so far?


For me, it has been worth every penny AND THEN SOME. Will it be a good fit for you? As with many educational resources - it depends heavily on YOU. While I think that Entre does an amazing job of making its courses as accessible to everyone as possible, there is a caveat: You have to be willing to work hard. As I've mentioned - I've been filling in pretty much all of my spare time for the last several weeks toward achieving the goals that I set up for myself each week.


But if you are properly motivated as I was, I believe that is all you truly need to bring to the table. Entre can help you do the rest!


So are you ready to start a similar journey as me? Do you dream of leaving your 9 to 5 and want to learn the essential entrepreneurial skills you need? Would you like to have access to a detailed blueprint of how to start a successful digital business provided directly from people who have successfully done so?


Then I recommend you start by pressing the button below.


The button will take you to a page where you can download a free eBook, and this book will provide you with instructions and the next steps to follow the same path I took on that fateful Monday morning that changed my life forever.


So don’t wait to start your better future! Click the button below to get your free eBook today!

Note: This article is a review of the Entre Institute and merely represents the author's own direct experience with their coursework and products. This website is not a part of the Entre Institute and does not claim to represent them or their products in any way. Additionally, this site is NOT endorsed by Entre in any way. However, the links on this page are affiliate links to Entre.

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