Are you looking for simple ways to start "going green?"

Are you looking for simple ways to start "going green?"

If you have been practicing Reflective Equilibrium for long (or perhaps for not even that long!), you have probably realized the importance of “Going Green.” Doing your part to make your ecological footprint smaller as well as seeking out ways to support companies and products that are Eco-friendly and Eco-conscious might very well be one of the most important things that we can do during our lifetime for our children and future generations (not to mention for all the other myriad of creatures and lifeforms with whom we share the Earth).


Here at Reflective Equilibrium, we are avid supporters of companies and products that are Eco-friendly and Eco-conscious. Feature articles, reviews, and discount codes for Green and Eco-Friendly companies and products will be a major section of our website soon.


But until we get more of these resources up-and-running on this site (we will update this article when we do!), we have an easy suggestion for those of you who would like to find more Green Products now: Follow the Buy American Green account on Twitter!


Find them here:


One other reason we love this account is because it also focuses on Green Products that are American companies and/or Made in the USA. Depending on where you live in the world, this aspect of the Twitter account may or may not resonate with your reflective equilibrium as it does ours. But for us, the focus on American-made and green products is a double-balancing bonus!


Go Green, and see you on Twitter!

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