The Digital Aspect of Reflective Entrepreneurship

The Tools of the Modern Digital Economy are Changing Fast

Fitting Your Business (or Business Idea) into the Modern Digital Economy

When people talk about The Modern Digital Economy, most people think of the online giants like Amazon or Grainger. While these kinds of businesses are definitely a big part of the modern digital economy, a distinction we would like to make is that the digital economy is not only represented by these types of companies. In fact, those companies are the minority!

The modern digital economy spreads across all businesses and affects every single business owner in the world. Of course, if you are selling products or services on the Internet you probably already realize that the new digital economy applies to you. But it also applies to you if you start a recycling business that hauls away and properly disposes of peoples’ trash, or if you are cleaning toilets, or starting a wine tasting bar. For ANY and ALL of these (and similar) businesses, becoming savvy in the modern digital economy is a MUST.

So what does this mean? At a minimum, you need to understand the following:

  1. How to sell products and services online.
  2. How advertising and marketing works in the digital age.
  3. How to hire people using online resources and tools.
  4. How to use online and cloud tools that help you run your business (such as HR and accounting tools, customer database tools, and online purchasing and inventory tools.

The main point is, if you plan on running a business in today’s day and age, you will need to embrace the following mantra: I am going to become proficient in, and I am going to become a part of the modern digital economy.

If you feel intimidated by this aspect of your business planning, that is why we are here! Reflective Equilibrium Marketing will help you take inventory of what you might need, and how you can leverage the modern digital tools so that you and your business can successfully navigate and participate within the Modern Digital Economy.

Step One: Make a Website!

If your company (or company idea) does not already have a website, contact us immediately. We have resources and training materials (many more coming soon!) on how you can start this process with a much smaller investment than you probably realize. One of the reasons you may want to work with us instead of just paying someone to make a site for you is because we will teach you how to make the website yourself (plus we will do so using the most economical and future-proof tools we can find)! Of course if your website has a lot of highly custom requirements, we may suggest some outside resources – but the more you can do yourself, the more you will gain confidence in this critical area of digital competency.

On the other hand, if your company already has a website we ask the following questions: How happy are you with the site? Is it doing everything you need it to? Is it helping you generate more business? Did you make it yourself or did you pay someone to do it for you? Are you paying a lot of money each month for the site? Do you understand how to make changes or adjustments to your site if needed? If you’d like us to offer you a consultation on how we might be able to save you money and help you build a site that may save you a lot of money and help you feel much more confident about your own involvement with the site, we encourage you to contact us in this situation as well!

Step Two: Start Marketing!

If you are happy with where you are regarding Step One above, we recommend starting step two (but not before). A website that you know how to use and leverage is critical for this next step. But once your website is ready, you are ready for the fun part! Contact us for some simple and inexpensive (often free!) marketing tools and activities you can start doing right now.

But if online marketing and advertising sounds like a foreign language to you, this is where we really want you to reach out as well! Our approach to this step is similar to the first: We will teach you the basics, and ways you can participate in this domain by doing much of the work yourself, and saving you lots of money along the way.

Are you ready to start? If you need help, please use our contact form here.

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