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Watch the video on this page first, then use the resources below as needed or as applicable.

Lesson Resources:

FAQ: What steps are different if you already have a pre-existing website on a domain that you already own?

ANS: If you have an existing website, this usually means that you own a domain and some type of hosting service already (so you’re already done with the step of buying a domain). In this situation, you can still pick either hosting option below based on your preference – but in this case, you’ll just request, or follow the steps below for creating a staging site first. This means you will be using a staging site to RE-CREATE, or rebuild your existing site, but without actually disrupting your existing site right now. You will then transfer your domain over to the staging site LATER – once your new site is ready. OR: If you already have a WordPress hosting service (or if you have a site on some other web-building service and you do not wish to migrate off of that service), we recommend contacting us right away to discuss your best next steps.

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Website Hosting Decision

After watching the above video (make sure you watch the entire thing!), select your choice below:

Option 1:
Self Hosting

Please stay tuned! If you’ve decided to pursue this hosting option, please note that our step-by-step training video is still forthcoming. However, you can still pursue this option by following these steps:

  1. Use THIS REFERRAL LINK!!! to visit the Siteground website hosting service site.
  2. Find the area that says “WordPress Hosting” and then press the “View Plans –>” link.
  3. Select the “StartUp” plan on the left by pressing the “Get Plan” button.
  4. On the next page, select the 12-month option (to get the promo pricing), then enter your payment information.
  5. Check off the terms and conditions box and press the “Pay Now” button.
  6. After making your purchase and logging into your Siteground account, you will need to navigate to the “Add New Website” screen.
  7. Select the “Existing Domain” option ONLY IF you already have a domain that you’ve purchased, and that domain is NOT currently being used with another web-building or hosting tool. Otherwise, go to step 8. If you select this option, you will be prompted to enter your domain. Then press the “Continue” button and skip to step 9.
  8. If you already have a website on your domain, OR if you haven’t yet purchased a domain, select the “Temporary Domain” option. If you select this option you will be shown your temporary domain address on the screen. Press the “Continue” button.
  9. On the next page, select the option to Start a new website.
  10. You will then be prompted to choose your application. If you plan on offering any e-commerce, or products for sale directly on your site, we recommend selecting the “WooCommerce” option. If your website will only be used to advertise and provide information about your business (no e-commerce), select the “WordPress” option. Please note that this decision can always be changed later. However, please be sure to NOT select the Weebly Sitebuilder option!
  11. Siteground will then build your website instance, and this may take several minutes. You will then either be redirected to, or sent an email with instructions for how to log into YOUR NEW SITE!

Congratulations, you just set up your own hosting service and WordPress website!

If you’ve completed all of the steps above, we recommend contacting us before proceeding (only because the next training is not yet available).

Option 2:
Website Hosting provided by Reflective Equilibrium Marketing

  1. First, download and review our Product Summary Statement here:
2. After reviewing and agreeing to the the above Service Description document, PRESS THIS BUTTON to take the next step.

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